Mobile Yoga

Welcome to Namaste Home, Mobile Yoga Services

Bringing yoga classes to directly to your home or office. Servicing the Durham Region.

Mobile yoga is perfect for:

  • Beginners who don't know where to start but have heard great things about yoga
  • Women who are looking for a fun way to stay active with friends or family
  • Busy moms and dads who don’t have time to get to the gym or yoga studio
  • Entrepreneurs who struggle to make time for health and wellness
  • Women or men who don't resonate with the vibe of a yoga studio or a group yoga class
  • People recovering from injury who need personalized support and tailored sequences
  • Businesses who want to provide an opportunity for employees to get healthier
  • Anyone who wants to try a new way to do yoga!

Want to know if in home yoga classes are right for you? Check out the available packages below or book a free call with me to discuss.


Included in all packages:

  • A free "info chat" with the coordinating student to determine what the group is looking to get out of the package (including experience level of students involved, if there are any injuries to consider, the health and wellness goals of the individual or group)
  • A 60-70 minute yoga class, plus 10-15 minutes per session (before or after class) with the instructor for any questions and discussion
  • Customized classes (to an extent) based on the needs, interest and experience level of the group (i.e. a focus on beginner or gentle yoga, osteoporosis or bone health, menopause relief, meditation and relaxation, stress reduction, joint mobility, stretching and flexibility)
  • All yoga props supplied included bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets (students are encouraged to have their own yoga mats but mats can be provided upon request)
  • A Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga Instructor

Package A – Single/Private Package (1 person)

  • $320 (once a week for 4 weeks)
  • $600 (twice a week for 4 weeks)

Package B – Partner Package (2 people)

  • $500 (once a week for 4 weeks)
  • $900 (twice a week for 4 weeks)

Package C – Small Group (3-5 people)

  • $600 (once a week for 4 weeks)
  • $1000 (twice a week for 4 weeks)

Package D – Corporate (6-10* people)

  • $700 (once a week for 4 weeks)
  • $1200 (twice a week for 4 weeks)

*students may be added at an additional cost