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Restore Your Mind (and the rest will follow)

Posted on Feb 15, 2020 by Nicole Thomas

When you think of yoga, what comes to mind?

Flexibility? Handstands? Boring?

Maybe one of the “trendy yogas” that are going viral these days comes to mind such as goat or kitten yoga, or beer yoga?

The type of yoga practiced in the western world is typically the more dynamic styles of vinyasa, ashtanga, or…

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Cultivating Creativity Through Yoga

Posted on Feb 1, 2020 by Nicole Thomas

Children play, create and imagine with reckless abandon; as we grow and become adults many of us begin to lose touch with our creative side. I would be willing to wager that most adults have uttered the phrase.... 

I am not creative.

While yes, there is a lot of creativity in traditional art forms…

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New Moon in Aquarius

Posted on Jan 25, 2020 by Nicole Thomas

We are in the first moon cycle of the year - and the decade - with the New Moon in Aquarius arriving on Friday, January 24th, 2020 at approximately 4:44 pm EST. 

Curious about what this new moon brings? Here are 5 ways to honour the New Moon in Aquarius.


The New…

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